Scrotal Support

Extra Scrotal Support Senior with Thumbs Up

Extra Support Pouch Underwear – Support Your Saggy Manhood Today

 Whether you have a recent trauma, enlarged testicles or suffer from senior sag, our mens briefs and boxer briefs will help keep you supported.

  • Testicular Trauma - It is especially important to wear an undergarment that provides excellent support after testicular injuries. The UFM pouch adjusts to your level of comfort and support.
  • Medical Conditions and Swollen Testicle - Hydrocele, Orchitis and Epidiymitis are a few of the most common testicular conditions where doctors recommend support underwear or an athletic supporter for proper scrotal support and relief of symptoms. Many patients discover Underwear For Men’s drawstring support system is cool and comfortable, and just what the doctor ordered.
  • Senior Sag [Gravity is not our friend] - As men age, good scrotal support becomes very important.  And as we age, your scrotum begins to stretch and sag due to diminished collagen and elastin content.  Avoid the effects of low hangers and do not revert to the dreaded Tighty Whitey. Underwear For Men can help get your manhood back to where it belongs.