Male Incontinence SeniorWhile incontinence is most common in women, it affects men of all ages too. It is estimated that 17% of men over age 60 in the United States experience some form of urinary incontinence. This is especially true after prostrate surgery (prostatectomy).

PROBLEM: Male urinary incontinence guards and pads utilize a liquid capturing gel in a small target area, but unfortunately when the guard slips out of position, the urine misses the target resulting in an embarrasing accident ie: wet pants.

Also most urinary incontinence products are ugly, bulky, uncomfortable and humiliating.

SOLUTION: The innovative US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch exclusively in UFM Underwear For Men works great in combination with leading male guards, such as Depends® and Prevail®. The guards fit right into the pouch and the drawstrings lock the guard in place preventing leakage and accidents.

BONUS: In addition to providing security, UFMs also are extremely comfortable and sporty. They will boost your confidence and reinvigorate your life.

SECRET: Actually UFM Underwear was designed for athletes, but incontinence and prostate patients discovered them as the perfect solution to the guard security problem. Now many urologists are recommending them to their patients.