Post Surgery

Post Surgery Vasectomy Hydrocele UnderwearHaving surgery on your male parts not fun. Wearing a jock strap for support after surgery on your most precious assets is even worse. Although people typically think of jockstraps when they think of men’s support underwear, all of our briefs and boxer briefs provide gravity defying support, especially after surgery. Instead of a jockstrap, Urologists and other physicians recommend our mens briefs and boxer briefs as post surgical underwear following prostate surgery, hydrocele, vasectomy or other groin related surgeries.

Our US patented and Intl patents pending mens underwear have an adjustable drawstring pouch built into the front that creates a comfy hammock for your manhood. The drawstrings keep the pouch secure to avoid any pulling on the incision area. The soft, breathable fabrics keep your manhood cool and comfortable. The streamlined tailoring offers an underwear that won’t bunch, chafe or ride up. Wear them while you’re recovering and you just might wear them for the rest of your life.

For Patients
Why Should You Wear UFM Underwear After Surgery?

  • UFM Underwear is affordable and easy to buy. Sold right here on our site.
  • UFM Underwear is stylish and comfortable. No bulky jockstrap for support.
  • UFM Underwear has over 9,000 5 star product reviews. You won’t be disappointed.

For Doctors
If you recommend support underwear to your patients after surgery, you know the challenges of actually getting them to follow your directions. Patients are unsure where to buy male support products. They don’t like how the products look or feel. They don’t want to buy a product that may not work or that they might only use once. We can overcome all of their excuses and more.

Underwear For Men is committed to encouraging all men to wear support underwear, especially when you say to do so. We have a Patient Education Program that includes blog articles, social media posts and brochures that tell men about our adjustable pouch underwear, explains the importance of wearing support underwear, and helps raise awareness of prostate and testicular issues. Every medical practice that signs up for our Patient Education Program receives brochures and discount cards for their patients. For more information, contact