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Functionality with Style

While UFM Products are Urologist recommended for a variety of medical applications, you do not sacrifice style as they look fantastic as well.

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UFM Function with Style

For Patients

UFM Boxer Briefs are the perfect solution when a doctors tells you to get a jockstrap or "Good Support Underwear" for Post Surgery or Vasectomy Recovery. The Patented UFM adjustable pouch provides the excellent Scrotal Support urologists recommend.

UFMs are also a great solution, in combination with standard disposable guards, for Male Incontinence to prevent embarrasing leakage. See our incontinence page to learn more.

Scrotal Sag, sometimes referred to as the dreaded "Senior Sag", requires extra support. As Men grow older, the collagen and elastin content diminishes and in combination with gravity makes the "Balls Hang Low". Older men require better support and UFM is the perfect answer.

Testicular swelling and Edema, sometimes as a result of a Hydrocele or similar conditions (pre or post surgical) requires scrotal support not offered by other brands. UFM is the only solution that offers lift and isolation and looks great at the same time.

For Doctors

Smartly Engineered to Support Your Patient’s Male requirements. If you recommend support underwear to your patients for medical conditions or following surgery, you know the challenges of actually getting them to follow your instructions. Non-Compliance

Urologists tell us that if you tell them what to buy, where to buy it and offer them a special discount, the problem of non-compliance dramatically improves.

They often don’t like how the support products look or feel. They don’t want to spend money on a product that may not work or that they might only use once.

We got all of those excuses beat and more.

We offer free information and discount programs to urology professionals world wide. (We also offer free international shipping) For more information, contact


Doctor Recommended Instead of a Jockstrap