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Attention UFM Loyals! Many of you have seen our Manhood Moments campaign on social media focused on moments in a man’s life when he is inspired to be a better man, to get outside, to be a better contributor to society, to work hard and to spend quality time with his family. Now we want to hear from you.

Use the form below to send in a photo or video with a brief description of your Manhood Moment. This could be the first time you stepped inside Underwear For Men, the day your child was born, or the day you surpassed your recent fitness goals. All approved submissions will be used on our website and through social media to help inspire other men.

Earn Special Discounts for Manhood Moment Submissions

Photo Submissions

  • You can enter once a month/3 times per quarter.
  • If your submission is published, you will receive a coupon for one free pair of UFMs.

Video Submissions

  • You can enter once a month/3 times per quarter.
  • If your submission is accepted, you will receive 50% off one pair.
  • If your submission is published, you will be upgraded to one free pair of UFMs.

Quarterly Grand Prize

  • Every quarter, we will randomly select a grand prize winner which will be awarded a one week's supply (7 pair) of UFMs.

We look forward to reading your submissions and learning more about the Manhood Moments which define your life. Underwear For Men cares deeply about our opportunity to inspire men to be better men. Follow us on our social media channels, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ to see when your Manhood Moment gets posted online. The person making the submission is the person that will receive the free underwear.

We will not feature any photos or videos that are sexually suggestive or include nudity, so don't send them. Thank you for this respect and consideration.

Step 1

Purchase Underwear For Men briefs or boxer briefs.

Step 2

Find where you want to capture your Manhood Moment. Write down the message you want to share. If you have trouble thinking of a moment, just think about when you like to wear Underwear For Men. Whether you wear them for sport, work, every or medical reasons, every minute after you tie those drawstrings, lies the opportunity for a game changing manhood moment

Step 3

Take a photo or video showing off the waistband of your favorite pair of UFMs while you are in your Manhood Moment. We prefer clothed submissions, as they are easier to pass Facebook and Google standards.

Step 4

Submit your Manhood Moment using our form. Every published submission earns a free pair of UFMs. You can only enter once a month or 3 times per quarter. Every quarter we will do a random drawing for 7 free pairs of Underwear For Men.

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Manhood Moments Videos

See below for featured examples of video Manhood Moments. Underwear For Men hit the streets to get advice from real men. You are welcome to create your own format – have fun with it! Your video can feature a story of your own but can also feature someone you know (as long as you have their permission.

Manhood Moments Photos

These are Manhood Moments previously featured on our website. We welcome your submissions and look forward to featuring your photos showing off both your UFMs and your Manhood Moment.

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