Post Vasectomy Care Tips Include UFM Medical Underwear

So, you’ve decided to have a vasectomy. In order to best recover from this surgery and prevent future issues, the right after care is essential. Read our tips for post vasectomy care to keep yourself healthy after the procedure is complete. While complications are rare, taking precautions and allowing yourself time to heal makes a big difference in your individual experience. You’ll be back on your feet in no time if you heed our expert advice on caring for your body after this minor, but important outpatient procedure. Most men that follow post vasectomy tips simply experience mild soreness.

Take Care of Yourself Post Vasectomy

Vasectomy discussion: Urologist Speaking with a patient

  • Take care of the surgical site. Depending on your surgeon or the type of vasectomy you have, you may have stitches or you may have a small cut. Either way, the skin on this part of the body needs proper time to heal.
  • Do not shower or bathe until 48 hours after you have the procedure. Follow your doctor’s recommendations concerning showering and dealing with any dressings you may have.
  • Keep your manhood isolated and supported, especially throughout the first 48 hours after surgery. Underwear For Men provides a great post vasectomy support thanks to it’s US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch underwear. All you do is tie the drawstring to your preferred fit and forget about it. Urologists recommend this game-changing underwear because it promotes healing by supporting your manhood.
  • In many cases, men decide to take anti-inflammatories to decrease swelling. We encourage you to follow your doctor’s instructions pertaining to this. Cooling the area is often recommended in order to decrease the amount of pain you experience. If swelling is more severe than you expected, never hesitate to reach out to your urologist. As with any medical procedure, erring on the side of caution is always advised.

Avoid Specific Activities Post Vasectomy

  • No matter how good you feel, do not perform any heavy lifting for at least 10 days. It is recommended you not play sports for 14 days. Keeping your body at rest allows you time to heal without any issues or complications. Soreness in your scrotum will be magnified as you move, twist, and push your body past its current limits.
  • Return to work when you feel ready. Many men are able to return to work the day after the procedure. This depends on your personal recovery rate so planning for a day off work the day after wouldn’t hurt. At best, you get a day off of work. At worst, you need to lay in bed to recover for the full 24 hours.
  • Follow the directions your urologist gives you pertaining to sexual activity. Individual recommendations depend on your physician, your age, and your own medical history. It is important to remember you should still use contraception until your doctor has determined your operation was effective.
  • Flying for even a short distance is not recommended within 48 hours of a vasectomy. Flights of more than three hours in length should be avoided for at least a week. Because the body is susceptible to swelling during flights, it is not uncommon to experience pain in the scrotal area if you fly too soon after the procedure.

Encourage Healing with Post Vasectomy Underwear

  • The right way to heal your body after a vasectomy is to take care of yourself. Often, cooling the area with an ice pack will reduce the amount of pain you feel by numbing the area. If this is not comfortable for you, taking anti-inflammatories on a regular schedule for the first 48 hours keeps pain down.
  • The right post vasectomy underwear promotes healing as well. Underwear For Men is pleased to make a product that is recommended for medical use. Urologists across the country tell their patients to wear UFMs as their post vasectomy underwear. The adjustable pouch completely isolates your manhood from your thigh, eliminates chafing, and supports you without any need for adjustment. Simply tie the drawstring to get the feel you prefer. Many men switch to UFMs after a vasectomy and completely throw out all of their old underwear once they’ve felt the difference. Dr. Ronald Wheeler, a respected urologist says, “It is a sporty line of underwear with a dual purpose. The product allows for my patients to look good and feel good when they are getting back in shape and rehabbing...It allows men to have that manly feeling again when they need it most.”

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